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Do you have Travellers encamped on your land? Here at Global Enforcement Solutions we offer a bespoke eviction service that covers England and Wales,  to both new and existing clients. We carry out numerous instructions on a weekly basis whether you are a local authority, parish council, managing agent or private landowner.

We have a combined experience totalling  30 years with removing Travellers/Gypsies and Trespassers from land and 99% of the time gain lawful possession within 24 hours of being instructed.


Eviction of travellers under Common Law

This is most commonly preferred method of how to evict travellers from private land. Under Common Law (Halsbury’s Law of England Volume 97 (2020) 5th Edition) a landowner or their agent (Bailiff) has the right to remove, with no more force than is necessary any illegal occupier(s) / encampments, without the requirement of lengthy implications involving a Court Order.

Eviction of travellers under a Writ of Possession

Part 55 Civil Procedures Rules, Landowner rules allow you to seek a court order to evict illegal trespassers. This process does carry the costs of engaging solicitors, and paying legal fees, and is, therefore, a more prolonged process given that proceedings are subject to court schedules. In this case, when a court order has been issued, the eviction is enforced by a High Court Enforcement Officer.


Sections 77-78 Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994

The local authority acts are used to remove unauthorised encampments and apply to any land within the boundaries of the local authority area.

This process is used where individuals can be identified and is enforced by our Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs)

With this option, the local authority is required to ask the Trespassers to vacate the land immediately. If they do not comply then an order will be sought at the nearest Magistrates and direction will be issued requiring them to leave. Should the Trespassers not leave then officers, agents or contractors of the local authority may enter the land and take such steps as are reasonably necessary to ensure removal of the said persons, property and vehicles.

Should a trespasser be evicted in this way and return within three months, criminal sanctions apply.

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