Evicting Travellers From Your Land

GES will help you evict travellers – quickly, safely and cost efficiently. We provide a nationwide fast and effective traveller eviction solution – we’re here to help you exercise your right to remove travellers pitched or living on your land. We’ll take care of all of your worries and needs from the beginning to the end of the process.

Same Day Notice Serving

Once you have contacted us we will go straight ahead and serve the trespassers a legal notice, very often on the same day. This will then give the individuals 24 hours to leave the site.

Worry-Free Risk Assessment and Process Management

When looking to evict travellers from your land there are certain legal requirements that have to be fulfilled first. We’re well versed in knowing the steps required to execute a safe, legally compliant and timely eviction process, providing you with an easy and stress-free experience as soon you contact us – there’s nothing we haven’t come across before!

Call-To-Removal in 24-48 Hours

Sometimes, we will need to have the police with us if we believe the trespassers may breach the peace. We try not to do this at all costs however, we also put the safety of our employees and your land first. Vacant possession of the land is usually achieved within 24-48 hours of instruction by using the common law method, thus minimising any further damage and clearing up costs the landowner may incur from the effects of fly-tipping and vandalism. Just Bailiffs will also remain at the site for post-eviction security services.

Don’t delay, contact us today!

Our most commonly requested service. We can evict Travellers quickly and with minimal fuss.